Rishi Panchami: Do Women Really Need To Get Purified?

Rishi Panchami, I had always cherished this day not because of the rituals and beliefs associated with it, but because of the privilege of getting a holiday for being a woman. I had no idea about the religious importance behind every woman celebrating this festival until now. However, now I know about it, and I... Continue Reading →

Snow Clad Memories – A Trip to Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk is a fascinating hill station situated at an altitude of 3700m above sea level and at a distance of just 135km from Kathmandu. It’s one of those tourist destinations in the country that is yet to lose its raw beauty to rapid commercialization and home to the revered Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple. It had always... Continue Reading →

My Daily Commute

Picture Courtesy: The Kathmandu Post - eKantipur I just wonder what these vehicles (buses and motors) are fed daily apart from the stinky petrol and greasy diesel. Is there anything apart from petrol and diesel that causes the vehicles to expand and grow larger day by day? What can be that magical and marvelous something?... Continue Reading →

Rule your own world

“My life is hell. Look at him/her. She is so pretty and has a happy life. I wish I could have life as her.” “My life is full of troubles. I suck at my study. My parents are always complaining about me. I am useless and I am the only unhappiest person alive on the... Continue Reading →

Dear Acid Attacker

Dear Acid Brother, Thank you! What can I say more than that? Thank you for your wonderful Tihar and Rakhi gift. I am grateful to have brothers’ as you. I was very ugly and no one ever looked at me lovingly before a day and now I have turned into a beautiful girl whom the... Continue Reading →

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